Self Improvement

Let’s Save Our Children From This Madness

It’s time to stand up and protect our children (Little Humans) from the Jab madness. Every parent, Caregiver, Health Professional and especially Politicians

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Stop Learning and Take Some Action

Learn as you Take Action

For so many folks learning has become an escape from doing. Filling our heads with information which is the opposite of hard-won wisdom and understanding, which can only happen via the application of the Learning.

If We Don’t Open Ourselves Up For Disappointment We Are Not Opening Ourselves Up For Success 
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Don’t Quit just get Stronger & Consistently Better

Please don’t ever give up on yourself

Strangely if we use and learn from our slip ups by making good decisions about them And then putting into ACTION good choices it will make us a better, more effect and stronger person. Someone we can respect and be proud of.

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6 Tips To Deal With The Negative Comments That Come With Self Improvement

Motivation is Garbage ???

Great Interview with Mel Robbins

Who wrote the book “The 5 Second Rule” that allows you to change your Life using good old fashioned every day Courage and getting …… “Out of Your Head”

This interview with: Mel Robbins & Tom Bilyeu puts a ….

Different spin on Motivation

that’s well worth taking a look at as Mel shares some very tough personal issues and challenges that empowered her to be able to set about making enormous changes to herself and therefore

the circumstances that surrounded her ……..

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Why Invest Time In Yourself


Multiple Inspirations

Watch and Listen here as Less Brown gets into the meat of why you are the result of your investment in yourself …

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