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Dr Jay Bhattacharya Covid-19 update Interview

In this interview with Peter Robinson and Dr Jay Bhattacharya they review the covid-19 Antibody testing results that Dr Jay Bhattacharya has done or knows of from around the world so far and the Horrific flip side effects of full lock down …..

The upshot of it is that…

# Yes this is a Serious Virus …. BUT

# TheCovid-19 Virus has already infected more folks than the official Covid-19 stats and therefore the % of deaths per 1000 is considerably less than stated

# We need to build up Heard Immunity in as sensible and pragmatic a way as possible as soon as possible because …

1/ The Virus is not going away and must run its course even after a Full lock down. So therefore any full lock down must only be implemented in any Real Emergency situations and for as short a time as possible

2/ The prevention / cure of a full lock down is causing more Financial, Physical and Mental health devastation and Deaths world wide than the Covid-19 Virus running a more natural carefully managed course will

3/ We all need to do our part “with care” and as much normality as possible to build up our Heard immunity whilst doing all we can to protect the most vulnerable folks.

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